Manage your own Aussie Rules footy club,

select your own AFL players,

compete in an interactive 10 team premiership football league.

Simulated League Football will continue in 2016, the best and most interactive Australian Rules Football club manager game played on the internet.


S.L.F. Player Lists & Registrations now available
One Last league still available; would start a week or two into AFL season
An unmanaged team could be taken over and changed by you, sooner the better!

SLF Registrations & Initial Bids : Get in NOW.
AFL NAB Challenge : Ended Sun 13th March.
SLF Rd.1 Bids : Completed Tue 15th March.
SLF Rd.2 Bids : 9pm Fri 18th March.
SLF Rd.3 Bids : 9am Tue 22th March.
AFL Round 1 : Thur 24th March.
SLF Round 1 : 7pm Fri 25th March.

Read instructions for all the info you need, and register your team before 12th March.

Join as an individual, or group your friends to compete against, and participate in your own league of 10 clubs. - for future reference.

Use MENU at top left or Text Links to get 6 Pointers to a Match Winning Goal !