Manage your own Aussie Rules footy club,

select your own AFL players,

compete in an interactive 10 team premiership football league.

Simulated League Football will continue in 2014, the best and most interactive Australian Rules Football club manager game played on the internet.


Existing Leagues - Final Update for AFL Rd.18 split round.
SLF apologises for all previous mis-leasding information.
There will NOT be two complete rounds of processing.
Pre-match operations, half-time scores, messages and quiz have been processed and uploaded.
Week-2 will allow you to change SLF team players, only if their AFL team has NOT played yet.
Thus players from WCE, RIC, BRL, GCO, HAW, SYD, COL, ADE can be selected/deselected from your SLF team.
You can change any week-1 Matchday and Post-Matchday Operations.
Matchday team changes via EMERG and I/CHANGE are allowed, no exception except availability ;)
If no operations or tips are submitted, your week-1 selections will be used.
Although your Return Sheet does allow you to enter all new operations and tips, your week-1 Pre-Match Operations and AFL tips to games already played are locked in at my end.
Unfortunately, you will be unable to sign a player who has just been delisted in week-1.- see Half-Time Messages page.
Your Week-1 quiz has been processed, and a new quiz for Week-2 is on-line. $35k has been awarded, although your Club Reports do not show any extra Bank Balance; not yet, assuming you got it that easy one correct!
I hope all is clear, my apologies for the mess that is being made. - for future reference.

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